Re-pressurising Your Combi Boiler

We all know that a boiler needs a constant pressure level in order to provide efficient heating for home or business. If there is leak of any type you may not get the benefits of your heating system because of loss or increase in pressure. Gauges on the boiler are usually set at 1-bar and if you notice it has dropped / increased try resetting the pressure, if there is still problem that’s where you need to call your heating engineer.

The process includes:
There are clear instructions for a particular boiler in its handbook, but this gives standard procedures for trouble shooting on boilers. We advise homeowners don’t try DIY as it requires the proper knowledge and experience. It is always safest to call your heating engineer if in doubt.

Low pressure
Switch off the entire system and once it cools down, ensure that both ends of the filling loop are attached to the valves. Secondly, open the valves with screwdriver and allow the cold mains water to enter the system. There will be the sound of water filling and once the pressure gauge hits 1-bar, turn off each valve.

High pressure
A higher reading means you need to check the valves on the filling loop that they are not loose. Once you’re done with this you need to bleed the radiators to reduce the boiler pressure.

Still a problem?
If there is still a problem with your heating system, there may be the problem with your valves. In which case your heating engineer may advise that you need a replacement.