A guide to regular boiler service for landlords

Engaging in a boiler service is more than an act of maintenance. It’s a declaration of your commitment to tenant safety, adherence to legal standards and an economic mindset.

Safety of your tenants

Tenant safety isn’t negotiable. Regular servicing ensures the safe operation of heating systems in your properties and minimises the need for boiler repair. Potential faults that could cause leaks or carbon monoxide emissions are identified and rectified, providing a secure living environment. Let’s pay attention to a well-serviced boiler’s warmth and comfort, maintaining your property’s appeal to current and prospective tenants.

Compliance with legal requirements

Landlords bear the legal responsibility of ensuring their rental properties are gas safe. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 require landlords to organise annual gas safety checks on every gas appliance and flue they provide. Regular services comply with this law and provide you with a certificate to prove this, thereby mitigating legal risks.

Cost savings

In the hustle and bustle of property management, the cost-effectiveness of regular servicing might take time to become apparent. However, identifying and rectifying minor issues can save you the expense of an extensive boiler repair later. Regular servicing also boosts boiler efficiency, saving tenants on energy bills, a benefit they’ll likely appreciate.

Sourcing the right service

Seek out professional, certified engineers for services. Don’t be swayed by seemingly economical choices compromising quality and safety. Look for a provider offering comprehensive inspections, ensuring your boiler runs at optimum efficiency.

Taking the next step

The message is clear: regular servicing invests in safety, compliance, and cost-effectiveness. It is a pledge of quality to your tenants and the law. Protect your properties and those within them with the promise of annual servicing. Your tenants, your wallet, and the law will thank you. Secure your next service with A1 Gas Force today.