Methods to improve your company’s energy efficiency in Kenilworth

As 2022 has already demonstrated, rising energy costs can have a crippling effect on the cash flow of small to medium-sized businesses in Kenilworth. Despite financial support from the government, the danger of becoming overwhelmed by energy costs is genuine. Therefore, here are some methods you can adopt without employing electrical services to improve your energy efficiency.

Turn off all laptops and computers

One easy way to conserve energy and reduce operating costs is to turn off all PCs and monitors at the end of the working day. Devices like these still use a significant amount of electricity even when on standby, so turning these off at the mains will improve energy efficiency.

Switch from laptops to desktops

Laptops have many benefits over traditional desktop computers, but their energy consumption is one of the most notable. Laptops use considerably less energy than a PC, and if your business has many PCs, switching to laptops can save significantly in the long term.

Solar panel installation

Employing an electrician to install solar panels at your business can reduce your reliance on mains electricity and generate income through exporting renewable energy back into the grid via the Smart Export Guarantee scheme.

Modernise your boiler system

If your boiler system has been in service for more than fifteen years, it might be time to look at a replacement. Any electrician will tell you that a new boiler system will be more energy-efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

If you own a business in Kenilworth and are looking to increase the energy efficiency of your building, contact A1 Gas Force for our full range of electrical services.