A quick guide to PAT testing in Kenilworth


PAT Testing, which stands for Portable Appliance Testing, involves the examination of electrical appliances, domestic and industrial, through a sequence of electrical and visual checks. The purpose is to ensure they are safe for people to use and required by UK law. The UK government doesn’t specify how often you should have appliances tested, but safety dictates that annual PAT testing in Kenilworth is best practice.

Who needs to have their appliances tested?

Landlords, employees and even self-employed individuals are mandated by law to ensure a qualified electrician undertakes PAT testing of their electrical devices. It helps to keep tenants and employees safe and helps ensure the appliances are in good working order.

Who can undertake a PAT test?

A fully qualified and registered electrician must complete PAT tests. They will have the necessary training, knowledge and expertise to see signs of deterioration visually and use the testing equipment. The tests can be quickly completed at your home or place of work.

What will you receive the once tests are complete?

At the end of the PAT testing, the electrician will issue a report that contains the following information:

  • An itemised list including each appliance class, name, area and description.
  • The complete test results of every electrical device tested.
  • An itemised list of each appliance that failed and the reason for the failure.
  • A label indicating pass or fail for each appliance should be provided. It will document the inspection date, the following inspection date and the signature of the electrician who carried out the PAT test.

If you’re a landlord or business owner in Kenilworth who needs a reliable, professional and competitively priced electrical contractor for PAT testing, get in touch with our team.